“. . . learn from me . . .”  Matthew 11:29

JULY 25 – 28, 2019

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

We thank God for enabling us once again to have the Holy Convocation here in Syracuse. God alone can make it a success and to this end we need your continued prayers for the following items regarding every aspect of the Holy Convocation.

“Be careful for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let

your requests be made known unto God.” – Philippians 4:6

Prayer for Holy Convocation

Before the Holy Convocation, please pray for the following:

  1. Genuine Love and hunger for Jesus Christ
  2. Genuine Love and hunger for God’s Word
  3. Genuine Love for God’s people
  4. Genuine Love for God’s house
  5. For the eyes of our understanding to be enlightened
  6. That we will surrender joyfully to do His will
  7. That we will seek His Kingdom first and His righteousness

Preparation for the Holy Convocation

  1. Pray that every member of the family will desire to come to the Holy Convocation.
  2. Pray that God will provide for people to get time off for the Convocation and remove any hindrances, binding the powers of darkness through the blood of Jesus Christ our Lord.
  3. God’s provision of finances for the travel needs of the Convocation and every other related expense.
  4. Traveling mercies for coming and going back from the Holy Convocation.

During the Convocation

  1. Pray that God’s anointed messengers may spend adequate time in prayer, preparation and knowing the mind of God to share His message with His people.
  2. For the time schedule to be honored by the attendees, organizers and the speakers (Subject to the Spirit of God).
  3. For people to avail the opportunity to meet with many new people, to fellowship and to share with one another.
  4. For genuine Christ-centered relationships to be built.
  5. For God’s blessing on the ministry to infants, children and young adults.
  6. For everyone’s safety and good health during the time of the Convocation.
  7. For the strong fire of renewal, revival and revitalization to come upon us.
  8. For everyone to be eager to take part in the prayer chain without much coaxing and pleading.
  9. That we will all desire and experience the fullness of God.
  10. That none will return the same as they came, but go back with renewed zeal and commitment to follow the Lord.
  11. For all to get a fresh vision, boldness and courage to worship the Lord and faithfully represent Him in our communities.

After the Convocation

  1. Pray that the fire of revival begun will be pure and ignite every member of our home assemblies.
  2. Pray that everyone will be faithful to the Lord during the following year.
  3. That people will pray for true revival in their cities and nation so that many will turn toward the Lord.
  4. That we will avail opportunities to visit one another in different Assemblies and continue to build on the relationships begun at the Convocation.
  5. Pray for the next Holy Convocation, that many others may come and join us for the wonderful time of sharing and fellowship.


  1. Pray that God’s Holy Spirit will guide and control every aspect of the Convocation, so that everything will be in accordance with His divine and perfect will, to accomplish all that He has planned.
  2. Pray that the focus of each message, each activity, will be the Lord Jesus Christ himself.
  3. Pray that God will speak to every guest in a personal way, to tell them exactly what He wants them to hear, so we will know Him more fully and be better equipped to accomplish His purpose.
  4. Pray that each of us at the Convocation will conduct ourselves in a manner that befits our calling as children and ambassadors of the King of kings, to bring honor, not disgrace, to His holy name.
  5. Pray that God will supply all finances needed to hold and host the Holy Convocation.
  6. Pray there will be enough volunteers to help in the Nursery and enough teachers to work with the older kids and the teenagers.
  7. God’s blessing and provision for Bro. Joshy and the kitchen staff, for their hard work and long hours preparing a variety of dishes for all of the meals, every day.
  8. God’s grace and strength for each of the many saints who are sacrificing their time, talents and energy.
  9. God’s provision of finances, visas, and traveling mercies for all of those who are coming from other nations to attend the Holy Convocation.
  10. God’s calling and blessing of each individual He has ordained to witness the Lord Jesus Christ in the waters of baptism at this year’s Convocation.
  11. Pray that each of us may make new friends and maintain those friendships, that each one of us will find opportunities to encourage someone else with testimony of the Lord’s goodness and faithfulness.
  12. That unbelievers will come to know Christ Jesus as Savior and Lord of their lives.